Each product placed on the EU market needs to have an EU based Responsible person appointed.

The task of the EU responsible person is to ensure that cosmetic products placed on the EU market are compliant with the EU regulation 1223/2009.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • There can be only one responsible person per product for the whole EU
  • The responsible person has to be based in one of the EU countries
  • The responsible person needs to keep the product information file at the address specified on the cosmetic product labels
  • The responsible person is a contact point for any EU member states’ competent authorities and needs to cooperate with such authorities in cases of product information file inspections, non-conformity of the products on the EU market, product recalls etc. as well as to report any undesirable or serious undesirable effects related to the cosmetic products to the competent authorities
  • The responsible person needs to ensure that the products placed on the EU market are safe for use and compliant with regulation, which means, among other things, that these products have a product information file compiled, that their labelling complies with EU regulation, that the claims are substantiated and that products have been notified to the CPNP portal
  • In the case of non-compliance of cosmetic products, the responsible person can be penalized

As Luamed is based in an EU member state, it can offer to act as the responsible person for your cosmetic products in the EU. Thanks to the expertise and professionalism of the Luamed employees, you can be sure that your product compliance and secrets are in safe hands if you choose Luamed as your EU RP.

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