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    Claim importance

    Claim is one of the most powerful tool.
    With claim you can proof that your product is better than others.

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    Claim substaniation

    Each claim appears on your pack needs to be proved.
    Best way to substaniate your claim is Efficacy testing.

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    Efficacy testing

    Luamed offers you Efficacy testing to prove wide range of claims.

Cosmetic products are designed and produced to make people look and smell better or get cleaner, they protect their skin, teeth and hair and keep them in a good condition. Lots of new products are manufactured daily with that goal in mind, but how can you be sure that what they advertise is actually true or how can you prove to your potential customers that your products are better than those of your competitors? We can help you to do that with a range of various product efficacy tests that our laboratory can perform.

Having scientific and robust proof for everything that cosmetic products claim to do is not just a source of a competitive advantage, necessary for your brand reputation and an ethical way of doing business, it is also a legal requirement for products sold in the EU and other markets. In these markets, every claim, unless obvious or clear exaggeration, must be backed-up.

The efficacy of cosmetic products can be proven in different ways and the most suitable way of proving a certain claim also depends on the way it is written. In general, though, the best ways of proving claims are through consumer perception testing and/or experimental studies.

Our experts can design testing protocols and conduct the necessary in vivo laboratory tests following Cosmetics Europe guidelines, where relevant, or carry out in-use tests on volunteers to prove your claims for:

  1. skin care
  2. decorative products
  3. hair care
  4. oral care
  5. sun protection products

thereby proving the legitimacy of your claims and keeping your products compliant with legislation.

Luamed offers you Efficacy testing to prove wide range of claims:
Skin hydration

Hydration probe

Patch test

Dermatological evaluation

pH of skin/scalp

pH meter

Skin elasticity

Elasticity probe

Melanin content

Melanin probe

Sun protection


Skin temperature

Temperature probe

Evaluation of pores


Wrinkles evaluation


Skin pigmentation


Sebum content

Sebum probe

Hair/Dandruff evaluation


For testing we are using latest high profesional equipment.

Tests are executed by experinced and trained profesionals.

All patch tests are evaluated by dermatology specialists.


Contact us to see how we can help prove the efficacy of your cosmetic products.