Luamed offers wide range of laboratory testing requested by the EU Regulation 1223/2009

Laboratory testing

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    Microbiology testing

    Microbiology test report is required for all cosmetic products placed on EU market . We are offering microbiology testing according to procedures:

    -ISO 21149
    -ISO 16212
    -Pathogen testing

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    Stability testing

    Stability testing shows stability of the product and compatibility with packaging in shelf life. This preferences are required to be evaluated in according to EU Regulation.
    Luamed offers specially designed testing procedures according to EU requrements.

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    Challenge testing

    Challenge testing is evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of the preservative system This evaluation is required by EU Regulation and can be provided with challenge test.
    Luamed offers challenge testing according procedure:

    - ISO 11930/2012

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    Other testing on request

    We are offering wide range of testing on requests.

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All testing is done by our experienced profesional team and each test result is checked and evaluated from our CEO.
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